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Terms of use


1.1. The agreement on the use of the MY.EV.UA website (hereinafter referred to as the User Agreement) contains the rules for using the MY.EV.UA website, the requirements for information to be posted on the website, as well as other requirements that are mandatory for individuals or legal entities who have accepted the terms of this User Agreement, registered and gained access to the services and services of the site (hereinafter - Users).

1.2. The website MY.EV.UA (hereinafter referred to as the Site) (hereinafter referred to as the Site Directorate) is a public communication trading platform that enables Users to post temporary advertisements containing information about legally permitted goods, services and works for the purpose of their subsequent purchase or sale to other Users. 

1.3. The MY.EV.UA site, any information and materials that are contained on the Site are protected by copyright, the "EV" trademark and all intellectual property rights. It is forbidden to copy, distribute, duplicate, reproduce, store in electronic form, transfer or use any part of the Site, as well as information posted on it for commercial purposes.

1.4. According to the Civil Code of Ukraine, this User Agreement is a public accession agreement.

1.5. The fulfillment of the terms of this User Agreement is mandatory, unconditional and unconditional for all Site Users.

1.6. Using the capabilities or services of the Site, as well as completing the registration procedure automatically confirms the consent of the Users to all the terms of this User Agreement without any additions or changes.

1.7. This User Agreement is concluded between the Site Directorate and the Site Users.


2.1. After completing the registration procedure, users have the right to post ads on the Site for free by filling out the appropriate form indicating the parameters of the goods, services or works offered. The form and its parameters are determined by the Site Directorate.

2.2. Registration is considered complete only if all of its stages are successfully completed in accordance with the instructions published on the Site.

2.3. The user has the right to register on the Site by filling out the appropriate form indicating his phone number (any Ukrainian or other mobile operator) and e-mail. The user indicates his email address, the chosen password, as well as other data required for registration. After that, the User receives an SMS message with a code to his phone number, which must be entered in the registration form or confirmation by e-mail. After entering the SMS code or clicking on the registration confirmation link in the email. Registration is complete after entering the SMS code or clicking on the confirmation link in the email. 

2.4. The user is responsible for all actions using his email address and password to enter the system. The user has the right to use the services of the Site only with his own email address and password.

2.5. The User is obliged to monitor the safety of his password and not disclose it to third parties, and, if necessary, the User is obliged to immediately change the data for entering the Site.

2.6. Placement of ads by Users on the Site is free of charge.

2.7. The use of additional services of the Site is paid, for example: advertising on the site, highlighting an ad from the general list, priority placement of an ad, VIP status, Business package, Top zone and other services that make it possible to select an ad from the general list. The list of additional services, tariffs and terms of their payment on the Site are indicated by the link.

2.8. Users who post their ads on the Site undertake to submit information in strict accordance with this User Agreement.

2.9. The subject of ads can be offers (including questionnaires with personal data, as well as goods, services and works, the sale of which is not prohibited or limited in accordance with applicable law, and does not contradict this User Agreement.

2.10. By using the services of the Site, the User confirms that he is solely responsible for the content of the ads posted by him, and also has all the necessary rights, licenses, certificates, permissions to post information in ads on the Site, including without limitation all patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyright rights, and also has the appropriate written consent, license or permission of all legal entities and individuals identified in the ad to use their names or images.

2.11. The user guarantees that the goods, services and works offered by him comply with the quality standards established by the current legislation. The user guarantees that the goods, services and works offered by him, if their production or sale requires a special permit (licensing, compulsory certification), will be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the legislation, and when an advertisement is submitted, the special permit number will be indicated in its text ( license, certificate), date and name of the authority that issued it.

2.12. The user is obliged to carefully check all information about goods, services or works posted by him on the Site, and if incorrect information is found, add the necessary information to the description. If it is impossible to correct the incorrect information, the User is obliged to cancel his ad and re-post information about the product or service.

2.13. The terms of delivery should be included in the description of the goods, and the conditions for the provision of services (performance of work) - in the description of the service (work). The conditions for the sale of goods, the provision of services and the performance of work, drawn up by the User, must not contradict this User Agreement and the current legislation.

2.14. Ads must match the geographic region (province, district, city, etc.) selected in the Site settings.

2.15. It is allowed to place one ad regarding one specific product (of the same type of goods), offers, vacancies, services, jobs.

2.16. One and the same ad cannot be placed in two different sections or headings of the Site, unless the Site Directorate provides for automatic duplication. 

2.17. It is not allowed to indicate incorrect characteristics of the subject of the offer in the ad, including the price that does not correspond to the actual cost of selling a product, service or work. The price must be indicated in full for the entire product, service or work.

2.18. Technical requirements for the publication of ads and photos:

- the title of the ad must not exceed 70 characters;

- the ad text should not exceed 4000 characters;

- size of photos for ads must be at least 440 px horizontally, but no more than 4Mb.

2.19. When publishing ads, Users are prohibited from:

- provide information in violation of this User Agreement;

- publish the same ads from the same account (profile, email);

- publish ads similar in content, if we are talking about the same offer;

- duplicate the same ads from different email addresses;

- publish ads in a heading that does not match the content of the ad;

- publish ads offering several goods and services at the same time;

- publish ads, the description or title of which is unrelated, unreadable;

- post ads that contain repeated punctuation or non-alphabetic characters in the title;

- publish ads in which the title and photo do not match the text;

- type the title and text of ads in capital letters;

- use punctuation marks, symbols or letters in the title and text of the ads that are not related to the text of the ad itself;

- in the title indicate the price, contact or personal information about the User (phone number, email address, Internet resource address), and also use the words "Urgent", "Attention", etc .;

- indicate in the text of ads website addresses and links to other sites;

- insert links into ads to resources that contain viruses or any other technologies that can harm sites, the Site or other Users;

- it is prohibited to post information about a product, service or work if such information:

• contains vulgar, offensive language;              

• promotes discrimination, racism, separatism, ethnic strife and conflicts;              

• calls for violence and illegal actions;              

• infringes on the property of third parties, trade secrets or the right to privacy;              

• violates or infringes on personal rights, copyrights and other intellectual property rights of third parties;              

• promotes fraud, deception or abuse of trust;              

• aimed at making transactions with stolen, non-existent or counterfeit items;              

• carries information that offends someone's honor, dignity or business reputation;              

• contains defamation or threats to anyone;              

• harms minors;              

• is misleading, defamatory and false;              

• may lead to other violation of applicable law.              

2.20. Users are prohibited from posting the following ads:

- on trade in alcoholic beverages and tobacco products;

- on trade in medicines, medicines, narcotic substances and precursors;

- on the trade in weapons, ammunition and components for them, as well as items posing a danger to human life and health;

- on the trade in human organs;

- on the sale of stolen, non-existent goods and counterfeit items;

- on the sale of state awards, databases, personal documents, forms of official documents, items of a pornographic and erotic nature, technical means of secretly obtaining information, as well as on the sale of any other goods prohibited by applicable law;

- on the provision of services and performance of work considered immoral (such as prostitution, intimate meetings, sex services, erotic massage, job offers in nightclubs abroad or other forms of services and work that are contrary to moral or legal norms);

- on the provision of services to fortune telling and fortune telling;

- constituting spam, unsolicited or deceitful commercial advertisements;

- about financial pyramids, networks for making money on the Internet without specifying the physical address and direct contacts of the employer and other announcements of possible fraudulent transactions, scams;

- with the offer of a franchise, multi-level and network marketing, agency activities, sales representatives or any other activity that requires the involvement of other members, subagents, etc.

2.21. Using the services of the Site, Users undertake:

• do not use automatic programs to gain access to the Site or posting ads;              

• do not use automatic programs to increase the number of ad views;              

• do not take any action that may lead to a disproportionate load on the infrastructure of the Site;              

• not to interfere and not to try to interfere with the work and other activities on the Site, incl. not to interfere with the operation of automatic systems or processes, as well as not to perform other actions in order to prevent or restrict access to the Site;              

• not to copy, reproduce, modify, distribute or present to the public any information contained on the Site (except for the User's own information);              

• not to use the email address of other Users for the purpose of direct marketing or other sending unsolicited email messages;              

• not to use advertisements and information provided by other Users for other purposes, except for making transactions directly with this User.              

3. TERMS OF USE OF THE SITE              

3.1. All objects posted on the Site, including design elements, texts, graphics, illustrations, videos, programs, databases, music, sounds, etc., are subject to the exclusive rights of the Site Directorate and other copyright holders.

3.2. The user, by providing his data (including indicating the phone number of the Ukrainian mobile operator or others) for registration on the Site, agrees to the use of the information provided by the Site Directorate.

3.3. The User provides the Site Directorate with a valid everywhere, gratuitous, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive right to use, publish, collect, demonstrate, copy, duplicate, reproduce in relation to copyright, publications and databases owned by the User, as well as regarding the information provided by him, images, photographs and other information on all information carriers. In this case, the User retains all ownership rights to the content of the information posted in the ad.

3.4. The user grants the right to access the information posted by him to all users of the Site.

3.5. When placing ads on the Site, the User provides the phone number of the Ukrainian mobile operator, as well as the email address to which the system messages of the Site related to the User's ads are delivered.

3.6. Information messages of the Site, which are intended for a wide range of Users, are published on the Site or sent to the email addresses of the Users, as well as the phone numbers of Ukrainian mobile operators who have confirmed their consent to receive such messages in the process of publishing ads or registration.

3.7. If the User does not want to receive such messages, he has the right to refuse to receive information messages to his email address at any time, using the appropriate opportunities in his profile, which are indicated in the User's account (profile).

3.8. The Site Directorate reserves the right to contact the User by sending information messages (to the User's email address specified during registration), sending SMS (to the User's mobile phone), as well as information messages (to the User's actual address specified in the ad).

3.9. In order to improve the quality of services, the Site Directorate has the right to conduct surveys among Users, which may contain questions about the demographic data of Users, for example, about age, education, income. The data collected by the Site Directorate through such surveys are processed in an impersonal form and used for the purpose of compiling statistical reports. Users can opt out of these surveys and not provide the requested information.

3.10. The Directorate of the Site reserves the right at any time to demand from the User confirmation of the data specified by him during registration, and in this regard to request supporting documents (copies of permits, identity documents, etc.). Failure to provide documents at the discretion of the Site Directorate can be equated to the provision of inaccurate information by the User. If the User's data specified in the documents provided by him do not correspond to the data specified during registration, as well as in the case when the data specified during registration does not allow the User to be identified, the Site Directorate has the right to deny the User access to use the Site services.

3.11. The Site Directorate undertakes to make every effort to properly fulfill its obligations under this Agreement, including the proper operation of the Site services and the non-dissemination of personal data provided by the User to third parties, except as otherwise provided by law.

3.12. The Site Directorate may periodically set restrictions on the use of the Site services, in particular, the maximum number of days for storing ads, their size and number. The Site Directorate has the right to change or terminate the operation of the Site services at any time, without incurring responsibility to Users for such changes or termination.

3.13. To maintain the high quality of services and ease of use of the Site, the Site Directorate reserves the right to limit the number of active ads from one User on the Site, as well as limit the actions of a particular User on the Site.

3.14. The Site Directorate may, at its sole discretion, terminate access to the Site for a User who violates the terms of this User Agreement. In the event of a malicious violation of this User Agreement, the Site Directorate reserves the right to take additional measures to limit the User's harmful actions, including the removal of all User's ads from the Site and the transfer of User data to law enforcement agencies, in accordance with the requirements of the law.

3.15. A User is considered a violator, notified by the Site Directorate of activities that violate the terms of this User Agreement and the rights of third parties. The Site Directorate reserves the right to delete or disable the User's account at any time, as well as delete all posted User's ads, leaving a prior notice to the User about such disconnection and not be liable for their actions to the User.

3.16. Control of the content of ads is carried out by the Site Directorate in selective pre-moderation or post-moderation mode. In the process of monitoring, ads can be edited, temporarily blocked or deleted by the moderators of the Site.

3.17. The Directorate and moderators of the Site have the right to make changes to the text of Users' ads regarding spelling and punctuation that do not affect the general content, as well as determine and change the category of ads if a more suitable heading is found for their placement.

3.18. Reasons for editing or temporarily blocking ads:

• inconsistency with the topic of the heading in which the User placed the ad;              

• incorrect filling of the fields "Region", "City" by the User;              

• the ad text contains a set of search phrases, for example: "Repair work", "We carry out high-quality repair work", "Repair quickly and efficiently";              

• the ad text includes contact information (there are separate fields for specifying contact information);              

• the title and text of the ad are partially or completely typed in capital letters;              

• The User made multiple spelling and punctuation errors in the title or text of the ad.              

3.19. The User's announcement can be removed by the Directorate and moderators of the Site in cases of violation by the User of the terms of this User Agreement at the request of the copyright holders or competent state bodies, as well as for the following reasons:

• the information contained in the ad is contrary to this User Agreement or applicable law;              

• the information contained in the ad is incorrect or false;              

• the information contained in the ad does not comply with the principles and foundations of public morality;              

• the main fields of the announcement are not filled;              

• deadline for publication of the announcement;              

• this User has already posted an active similar advertisement on the Site with the advertisement of this product, service or work;              

• the title of the ad does not contain information about the offered product, service or work;              

• the ad contains advertisements or anti-advertising of competing sites;              

• the ad contains personal data of third parties;              

• the title or text of the ad contains a link to Internet resources;              

• the photo is not linked to the ad text;              

• the photo contains any advertising information (link to the site, company name, logo, e-mail, phone number, coordinates, etc.);              

• a photograph of poor quality, the depicted subject is indistinguishable;              

• there was a substantiated complaint about the ad from the Site Users;              

• there is a duplication of the announcement in the same heading with other contact information;              

• previously submitted ads of the User are duplicated with minor changes in the text;              

• identical announcements are placed in different sections that do not correspond to the subject of the announcement;              

• the ad is placed in a category that does not correspond to the content of the posted ad.              

3.20. The user has the right through the feedback form MY.EV.UA to send substantiated complaints on the operation of the Site, which will be considered by the Site Directorate within 5 working days from the moment of their receipt or from the moment of receiving full information on the essence of the complaint.


4.1. Users post their ads on the Site for free.

4.2. To attract the attention of users of the Site, increase the attractiveness of ads and the number of requests from potential buyers / customers, the Site Directorate recommends using the following paid services to improve ads:

• Top-zone - the ad is placed in the Top-zone for the number of days selected by the User in the selected heading and is located above the list of regular ads, which increases the number of views and responses;              

• Highlighted ad - the ad is highlighted visually (green background) for 30 days, which makes the User's offer more visible among other ads on the Site;              

• Top of the list (First in the directory) - the ad rises above all free offers to the first positions in the lists, which allows updating the date of the announcement to the current one, and also increases the number of views and responses. You can use this option free of charge 4 times for each ad within a month. If there is a need to update this service more times, the User can order it for a fee, without any time limit (the Service also works for ads in the Top Zone).              

• Business package - initially each user is given the opportunity to place 50 free ads. Buying a business package allows you to post more ads and attach up to 50 photos to each ad. Also, owners of the Business Package have the opportunity for all their ads to use the additional service "Hide Icon" for free, which allows the User to hide the change in the price of his product in the ad. In addition to the business package, according to your needs, you can expand the business package and place the required number of ads. The Business Package is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase.              

• VIP-status - allows the User to communicate in the "Dating" section without filling out his profile;              

• Hide Icon - allows the User to hide the change in the price of his product in the ad.              

4.3. Paid services are ordered by the User on the website in the My Ads profile, following the link in the personal account, as well as in any other relevant sections of the Website.

4.4. The user undertakes to familiarize himself with the prices for paid services to improve the ads posted on the Site, after which he can order such services in the My Ads profile, following the link.

4.5. Detailed information on the cost of all services and the procedure for paying for paid services are indicated by the link.

4.6. Refunds of paid funds for non-rendered services are carried out by the Site Directorate in the following cases:

• automatically by the functional system of the Site for each deleted ad during moderation, if the ad is paid for (top-zone, selection).              

• if, due to any technical problem, the service was not provided, the refund of the paid funds is carried out by the Site Directorate after the User provides proof of payment. In this case, the refund is displayed in the User's account with the possibility of using the paid money in the future;              

• when paying for services from accounts remote by the Site Directorate, which were duplicated by the User in violation of the terms of this User Agreement. Such a refund is carried out by the Site Directorate only after the User's request, while the funds are returned to the User's active account with the possibility of using the paid funds in the future.              

4.7. The Site Directorate has the right to refuse to return funds to the User who has systematically (2 or more times) violated the terms of this User Agreement.

4.8. The user is not refunded the money paid for the placement of ads about prohibited goods, services and works, the list of which is specified in section 2 of this User Agreement.

4.9. When ads are removed by the Directorate or moderators of the Site, paid services are canceled without refunding their value.

4.10. All payments on the Site can be made using SMS messages, Easy Pay terminals, 24NonStop, BNK24, PrivatBank, using Visa, MasterCard, through the payment system, and are made only through certified (Visa Certified, MasterCard Security Code) centers payment and payment centers that use the secure communication protocol HTTPS.

4.11. The decision to use the service payment system is made by the User himself.

4.12. The Site Directorate is not responsible for any possible consequences of the use of payment systems, the completeness and quality of payment system services and for any actions of organizations that accept payments from the User.

4.13. The Site Directorate is not responsible for delays in the transmission of information about payments due to errors of the User himself, errors of hosting providers or other third parties, as well as other force majeure circumstances.

4.14. The Site Directorate has the right to change the rules, conditions and tariffs for services unilaterally and without prior notice to the User.

5. TERMS OF LIABILITY              

5.1. By using the services of the Site, the User confirms his consent to the fact that he uses the Site services at his own peril and risk, assesses and bears all the risks associated with the use of ads posted on the Site, and the Site Directorate, including its employees, operators and managers , do not bear any responsibility for the content of ads posted on the Site.

5.2. The site is a communication platform that allows Users to post for sale and purchase goods, services and works permitted by law, in connection with which the Site Directorate is not the organizer and initiator of transactions between Users and third parties.

5.3. The Site Directorate cannot control the accuracy of the information posted by Users in their ads.

5.4. The Site Directorate is not responsible for the behavior of the Users or for the goods, services and works they offer, indicated in the advertisements posted, as well as for any damage caused as a result of transactions, as well as for any losses of the Users resulting from the use of posted on the Site ads.

5.5. The site management is not responsible for the accuracy and content of the Users' ads, as well as for possible damage caused to third parties in connection with the placement of ads.

5.6. The information provided on this public site may be used for informational purposes only. The Site Directorate is not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of the information provided by the Users.

5.7. The site may contain links to other sites maintained by third parties. Such sites are not subject to the control and support of the Site Directorate, therefore it is not responsible for the content of any submitted site or links posted on the Site.

Links to other sites are posted on this Site for the convenience of Users, therefore the Site Directorate is not responsible for any intellectual property rights of other sites, links to which are posted on the Site.

5.8. The Directorate of the Site does not guarantee that there will be no errors or problems with the operation of the Site, as well as that the problems will be immediately eliminated.

5.9. The Site Directorate does not guarantee the absence of viruses or other harmful elements in the files downloaded through the Site or delivered via e-mail.

5.10. Users are responsible for the implementation of technological processes and control in accordance with the specific requirements of the Users for the accuracy of the input and output data, as well as for maintaining and timely updating the means to restore the lost data of the Users.

5.11. Users agree that all text data, photos, and any other materials posted on the Site will be available to all other Users both directly on the Site and by broadcasting by various technical means.

5.12. If the User has published or posted his own copyright or any other material on the Site, then he does not count on any remuneration or other types of material incentives for the use of his intellectual property rights.

5.13. The Site Directorate is not responsible for posting illegal, offensive, defamatory, threatening or obscene information or materials that violate or infringe on the rights of any person.

5.14. The Site Directorate is under no circumstances responsible for any harm or damage of any kind caused to Users or third parties in the following cases:

• non-fulfillment or difficulty in fulfilling obligations to provide access to the Site due to force majeure circumstances, the consequences of which (such as a decision of the authorities, accidents, breaks in the general communication system, etc.) cannot be avoided or overcome;              

• impossibility of access to the Site, its services or materials, as well as their improper updating or operation;              

• identifying malfunctions in the operation of the Site caused by technical interruptions in the operation of equipment and software;              

• incorrectness, inadequacy or inability of the Site to meet the needs or expectations of Users;              

• the presence of technical inaccuracies and errors that may be present on some pages of the Site;              

• loss of any information and other data of Users in connection with the viewing, use or operation of the Site;              

• the possible use of the Site, its materials or services by third parties who have bypassed the security measures of the Site to send viruses or unauthorized use of software and other data stored and used by the Site;              

• any other use of the Site, its services and materials by Users or third parties in violation of the conditions of access and use established by the Site.              

5.15. The Site Directorate is not responsible for any unauthorized access or use of the Site servers or any information about Users stored on them, as well as for any errors, viruses, malware, etc. that may be transferred to the Site or through the Site by third parties.

5.16. The quality, safety, legality and compliance of goods, services and works with their descriptions, as well as the ability of Users to sell or purchase goods, services and work are outside the control of the Site Directorate.

5.17. The Site Directorate urges Users to be careful and assess the situation when using the Site's services. The user should take into account that his counterparty may be a minor or impersonate another person. Using the services of the Site implies that the User is aware and accepts these risks, and also agrees that the Site Directorate is not responsible for actions or omissions on the part of the User.

5.18. The user cannot conclude that the offer, sale and purchase of any product, service or work is valid and legal based on the fact of placing an advertisement for the sale and purchase of a product, service or work on the Site. The user assumes full responsibility for his actions, and the Site Directorate is not responsible for transactions made by the Site Users.

5.19. All disputes and conflicts between Users are resolved by them independently without the involvement of the Site Directorate.

5.20. If the User has claims against another User as a result of the use of the last services of the Site, the User agrees to make these requirements independently and without interference from the Site Directorate, and also releases the Site Directorate from all claims, obligations, compensation for damages, losses, costs and expenses arising out of or in connection with such claims.

5.21. The User has the right to inform the Site Directorate about the facts of violation of his rights by other Users, using the contact feedback form or the "spam" function in a specific ad. If the User's complaints are justified, the Site Directorate removes the ad that violates the User's rights, and also allows the account of the author of such an ad to be blocked.


6.1. When placing ads, Site Users grant the Site Directorate the right to process their personal data in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

6.2. By providing his personal data to the Site Directorate, the User consents to the processing of his personal data.

6.3. Consent to the processing of personal data is provided at the time of confirmation of the publication of the User's announcement on the Site by putting a mark under the text “I agree with the terms of use of the service. I confirm that I am of legal age and responsible for placing an advertisement. "

6.4. The user fully understands that all information voluntarily indicated about him on the Site is personal data, i.e. data that are used to identify the User and to communicate with him. When registering, the user agrees with this User Agreement, and also agrees that personal data is stored in the Site's database and is subject to use only in accordance with this User Agreement and applicable law. The User's personal data is protected by the Law of Ukraine "On the Protection of Personal Data".

6.5. The user gives his consent to the processing of his personal data, including any actions, such as collection, registration, accumulation, storage, adaptation, modification, restoration, use and distribution (distribution, sale, transfer), depersonalization, destruction of personal data, including using information (automated) systems.

6.6. The Site user also agrees to other actions that the Directorate can carry out with his personal data in written (paper), electronic and other form.

6.7. The personal data of the Site Users are processed by the Site Directorate in order to:

• ensuring the functioning of the mechanism for placing advertisements of users on the Site and the possibility of contact with them for Users who are interested in advertisements;              

• protecting Users from illegal actions of unscrupulous Users;              

• collecting statistical information on the operation of the Site for its processing and use when introducing new services and improvements;              

• ensuring timely and high-quality contact with Users;              

• checking the compliance of Users with the requirements of this User Agreement;              

• informing Users about the terms of service, changes in services and organization of the Site, as well as for other purposes that do not contradict the current legislation.              

6.8. The personal data of Users processed by the Site Directorate are stored during the entire period of the Site's activity or until the moment when the User wishes to sever relations with the Site Directorate.

6.9. Users as subjects of personal data have the right to:

• know about the location of the personal data base containing the personal data of the Website Users, its purpose and name, the location of the owner and managers of personal data;              

• receive information about the conditions for providing access to personal data, including information about third parties to whom the personal data of the Site Users are transferred;              

• to access your personal data;              

• submit a reasoned request to the Site Directorate with an objection to the processing of personal data;              

• submit a reasoned request to change or destroy personal data by the Site Directorate if this data is processed illegally or is unreliable;              

• withdraw consent to the processing of personal data;              

• know the mechanism of automatic processing of personal data.              

6.10. Personal data, except for anonymized personal data, according to the access mode, is information with limited access.

6.11. The Site Directorate discloses personal and other data of Users solely for purposes related to the publication by Users of advertisements and access to these advertisements of other Users. By accepting the User Agreement, the User agrees with the disclosure of the data entered by him to all Users of the Site, subject to the conditions and restrictions established by this User Agreement.

6.12. In accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine, the Site Directorate may disclose personal and other data of Users to third parties, including state bodies and institutions, for purposes related to their legal rights and powers, subject to the established procedure for providing such data.

6.13. The use of personal data for historical, statistical or scientific purposes is carried out exclusively in an impersonal form. The use of personal data of Users in an impersonal form does not require their additional consent.

6.14. The Site Directorate ensures the safety of Users' data from loss, disclosure and unauthorized access by third parties using security systems technologies, introducing a restricted access mode and controlling access to data by authorized employees.

7. COOKIE TERMS              

7.1. Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored by the browser on the hard drive of the User's computer. Each time the User revisits the Site, the User's web browser sends these pieces of information to the Site so that the Site can customize the interface to the interests and preferences of the User, or to facilitate the process of logging the User into an account to use the Site's services.

7.2. Cookies used by the Site Directorate make it possible to recognize those Users who visit the Site again, so that the User does not need to enter the same information every time, which increases the convenience of using the Site's services.

7.3. The Site Directorate also uses cookies to collect statistical information in order to improve the efficiency of the User's interaction with the Site, as well as to obtain information related to marketing offers.

7.4. Basic cookies help the User to get better and faster services requested on the Site.

For example, essential cookies allow you to:

• provide the User with access to the protected areas of the Site without the need to re-enter the User's account data;              

• remember the previous actions of the User (for example, filling out online forms) when returning to the page within the same transaction;              

• manage the objects of the selected paid services of the site, which the User saves in his basket, and remember them;              

• analyze errors that occur on the Site in order to reduce the number of complaints regarding the quality of the Site's services;              

• remember the User's settings for previous visits to the Site (for example, country or language, your interests) so that the User does not have to enter them again;              

• remember the answers to questions on the Site (for example, is the User ready to take part in a survey on the quality of customer service) so as not to ask them every time;              

• keep track of whether a service has been offered to the User (for example, providing online support).              

7.5. Advertising cookies are used on the Site to display advertising messages that are most relevant to the interests of Users. These cookies collect detailed information about the actions of the User when browsing the Site (for example, what products and services you choose). They are also used in order to recognize the User when returning to the Site.

7.6. The information that was obtained when using cookies does not contain the personal data of the Users.

7.7. The Directorate or trusted partners of the Site with whom the Site cooperates have the right to store cookies and access them.

7.8. The Site Directorate may provide information to third parties, if required by law, in order to protect legal rights or take measures in relation to potentially illegal activities.

7.9. Almost all browsers allow you to delete cookies located on your hard drive, prevent their creation or notify the User before saving them.

7.10. The user has the opportunity to refuse to collect the above information by following these steps:

• set "I do not accept cookies" in the browser settings;              

• set "Delete cookie" in the browser settings.              

7.11. In cases of disabling cookies, prohibiting their storage or deleting cookies, the ability to work with the User's parameters and preferences, as well as the ability to customize the User's personal interface, may be significantly limited.

8. OTHER CONDITIONS              

8.1. This User Agreement comes into force from the moment the User starts using any of the Site services or from the moment the User registers on the Site and is valid indefinitely.

8.2. The user has the right to terminate his registration on the Site unilaterally, without prior notice to the Site Directorate and without giving reasons.

8.3. The Site Directorate reserves the right to change the content of the User Agreement at any time without any special notification to the User. The new edition of the User Agreement comes into force from the moment it is posted on the Internet at MY.EV.UA.

8.4. If the Site Directorate has made any changes to the User Agreement with which the User does not agree, he is obliged to stop using the Site services. The fact of non-termination of the use of the Site is a confirmation of the User's consent with the corresponding edition of the User Agreement.

8.5. Termination of the User Agreement by the Site Directorate may occur in cases of violation by the User of the terms of this User Agreement, causing any harm to the Site Directorate, performing other actions that contradict the Site policy.

8.6. The Directorate of the Site has the right to transfer the Site with all its services and content, including the personal information of Users, to its successor or third parties on the basis of the law, in accordance with contractual relations or on other grounds without notifying the Users about this.

8.7. In the event of disputes and disagreements between the parties under this User Agreement or in connection with it, the parties undertake to resolve them through negotiations. If any disputes, disagreements or claims arising from or in connection with this User Agreement cannot be resolved through negotiations, then these disputes are considered in accordance with applicable law in court.

8.8. This User Agreement is governed by and interpreted by the parties in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine. Issues not regulated by this User Agreement are subject to resolution in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine. All possible disputes arising from relations governed by this User Agreement are resolved in the manner prescribed by the legislation of Ukraine, according to the norms of Ukrainian law.

8.9. The recognition by the court of any provision of the User Agreement as invalid or unenforceable does not entail the invalidity or impracticability of other provisions of this User Agreement.